10 штук ленты TZ размером 12 мм * 8 м предлагаются Tze-335 Tze231 tz335 tze 335 белый на черном ярлыке для печати pt-d200.

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10 штук ленты TZ размером 12 мм * 8 м предлагаются Tze-335 Tze231 tz335 tze 335 белый на черном ярлыке для печати

Описание товара


Product Details:


Item:Label Tape 



Color:White on black

Size: 12mm (0.47 in) x 8M (26 ft)

Package: 10 Pieces

100% Compatible for

PT-D210, PT-H100, PT-D400AD, PT-P700, PT-D600, PT-1230PC, PT-1890C, PT-D600VP, PT-P750W, PT-2730VP, PT-D450, PT-D400, PT-D200, PT-1880C, PT-1880, PT-H500LI, PT-2730, PT-1890W, PT-2430PC, PT-9700PC, PT-2300, PT-1280SR, PT-2030AD, PT-1090, PT-1290, PT-1880W, PT-9600, PT-H100,PT-1000, PT-1000BM, PT-1010, PT-1010B, PT-1010NB, PT-1010R, PT-1010RDT, PT-1010S, PT-1090BK, PT-1100, PT-1100QL, PT-1100SB, PT-1100SBVP, PT-1100ST, PT-1120, PT-1130, PT-1160, PT-1170, PT-1170S, PT-1180, PT-1180SC, PT-1180SP, PT-1190, PT-11Q, PT-1200, PT-1280, PT-1280BT, PT-1280SP, PT-1280TG, PT-1280VP, PT-128AF, PT-1290BT, PT-1290BT2, PT-1290RS, PT-1290SBVP, PT-1300, PT-1400, PT-1500, PT-1500PC, PT-1600, PT-1700, PT-1750, PT-1750SC, PT-1800, PT-1810, PT-1830, PT-1830C, PT-1830SC, PT-1830VP, PT-1880CT, PT-1880SC, PT-1890SC, PT-18R, PT-18RKT, PT-1900, PT-1900C, PT-1910, PT-1950, PT-1960, PT-200, PT-2030, PT-2030VP, PT-2100, PT-2110, PT-2200, PT-2210, PT-2310, PT-2400, PT-2410, PT-2470, PT-2500PC, PT-2600, PT-2610, PT-2700, PT-2710, PT-300, PT-300B, PT-310, PT-310B, PT-320, PT-330, PT-340, PT-350, PT-3600, PT-4000, PT-520, PT-530, PT-540, PT-550, PT-580C, PT-6100, PT-7100, PT-7500, PT-9200DX, PT-9200PC, PT-9400, PT-9500PC, PT-9800PCN, PT-D200BT, PT-D200DA, PT-D200MA, PT-D200SA, PT-D210BK, PT-D400VP, PT-E100, PT-E300, PT-E300VP, PT-E500, PT-E500VP, PT-E550W, PT-E550WVP, PT-H105, PT-H110, PT-H300, PT-H300LI, PT-H500LI, PT-P750WVP, PT-P900W, PT-P950NW,ST-1150,ST-1150DX,ST-5,PT-D200G, PT-D800W, PT-E110, PT-H100P, PT-H100R, PT-H110BK,PT-P900 etc

Product Quality:

• Strong Adhesion,resistant to water, sunlight, chemicals,temperature

• Split backing makes it easy to peel and apply

• No sticky residue remains when the labels are removed

• Using Thermal transfer printing technology without ink or toner

• Fast printing, clear and lasting effect,convenient for our work and life

Warm Tips: 

• Please turn the gear in the direction of arrow on the tape (counterclockwise) to tighten the             ribbon before installing the tze tape into the label printers and avoid any breakage or any   jamming of the tape

• Please extend some of the label through the outlet of the label maker before printing

• Please DO NOT pull the label tape while printing is in progress to avoid any damage

• Please DO NOT touch the label maker cutter while printing is in progress to avoid any errors


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Fast Shipping

• Promise send items out within 5 days after your payment.

• You will receive the items within 7-40 days normally.

Buyer Gurantee

• Promise one year warranty for refund or replacement

• 24X7 Professional pre-sale consultation and after-sales technical solutions


Positive Feedback

• Dear buyer, please leave us five stars positive feedback if you are satisfied with our products.

• Please contact us before leaving negative feedback if you have any questions after receiving the product,we promise to give you satisfying solution.

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